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It’s been a while…

For the past year I have been very busy working for a small internet start-up here in Portland. But as of last week, I am back on the hunt. Blogging was not high on my priority list while working a full-time job, but… clearly I have a little extra time on my hands now. I am back to being a stay at home dad, and its amazing the new types of challenges a 3 year can bring. More to come on that, but I have a couple resumes to send out before my daughter Delaney gets up from her nap! Note to self, I need to volunteer this holiday season.


My favorite 80’s Ladies

Oh the 80’s, and the wonderful beauties. Here are my favorite ladies from 80’s television. I cannot deny that I love television, and I have loved it for a very long time.

#10 Markie Post

aka “Christine Sullivan” from Night Court (1984-92)… guilty as charged Read more…

Look at what my dad bought…

So my father likes… well LOVES… Craigslist.  I decided that I would show you one of his more famous purchases. There really isn’t much to say about this… I mean they are cows. Very large, aluminum cows. Now my first question was, “Um Dad, what exactly did you search for to find these?” Because I knew he wouldn’t tell me what he paid for them. Well… apparently he was searching for lawn art. Which is a whole new line of questioning for another time. Check it out.

Truly Carefree Cows

This cow has crazy eyes


So my mother finally went to IKEA yesterday… so excited, the prices are so low. This is not the first time I have assembled cheap particle board furniture, but it was my first 6 drawer dresser.  Needless to say, there are about a thousand pieces of hardware that I had to sort through. Luckily they decided to just put it all in one handy bag.

I “volunteered” to put this furniture together for a single reason. Well… besides the fact that I love my mother and sister… if I leave this for my father to do, I know how it is going to go. There will be cussing, talk of communism, reminiscing about better days with real solid wood furniture that enabled kids to walk uphill to school both ways, the antique furniture he would have used the money on… and the list goes on. I tried to get this project completed before he got back from his business trip, and I have included an illustration below on how I think the process may have gone if I had waited for his help.

This first illustration is what was included in the directions.

Here are their helpful tips:

  1. Apparently you will get frustrated if you try and do this yourself.
  2. If  you put the dresser on a rug or carpet, it is so much easier you will be able to use one hand.
  3. Inevitably you will lose your patience and happily call IKEA.

IKEA Helpful Tips Instruction Manual

Here is my real world interpretation…

  1. Particle board needs lots of extra nails and super glue.
  2. Beware of inviting friends to help…
  3. When they start showing off using one hand…
  4. You will be forced to kill them with your hammer…
  5. Then explain your actions to the authorities…
  6. Because calling IKEA at this phase of construction is really pointless.

Tomorrow… a nice big shelving unit. I need to drink more beer this time…


And off we go… I am currently a stay at home dad. My daughter Delaney and I have adventures every day, and some things just need to be recorded. Honestly this is more about me venting to the world,  which goes without saying. But since its my blog, I will say it.  I will admit to you advance, I will use inappropriate words. I will write about anything I feel like talking about.  I will drift from marketing, sports, on to politics and probably combine the two and make shit up as well. Delaney’s nap is over I am out of here.